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I always have the desire to cite the huge amount of effort I put into FTSOS whenever I go to apply for this or that professional…thing (is that professional phrasing or what?). Unfortunately, I frequently write about divisive issues, so that limits me. Even if I only ever used the kindest words possible (har!), I still wouldn’t want to cite this blog. I don’t want to bias someone against me because I didn’t vote for John McCain or because I’m not a Christian. So the solution?

Nothing But Science.

I’m still in the process of uploading everything and cleaning it up. I believe I may have interrupted the import feature when I was messing around with stuff, so some science articles which appear here may not appear there. It could also just be that WordPress is slow. I plan on getting everything figured out over the next several days, provided I have both the time and will.

At any rate, Nothing But Science will basically be the concentrated version of FTSOS. I think even regular readers here will enjoy it because I don’t think many current viewers, if any, have been around since the beginning of FTSOS, so there will be plenty of new-to-you stuff there.

5 Responses

  1. Will the comment threads be separate or is each article there the same copy as here?

  2. As I import everything, the exact same comments that appear here are moving over there. However, as things go forward I will simply double post, creating separate threads.

  3. Double posting will require readers to subscribe to both to be able to see all comments. I would rather not have to. Just my personal preference.

  4. You could always not allow commenting on one and just stick a link back to the other.

    I do hate to agree with Bob, but it seems unavoidable in this case.

  5. I’m not going to update the other site nearly as regularly as I update this one, so I don’t expect it to garner the same number of comments.If it becomes an issue, I will address it then.

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