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WordPress is an excellent example of cowardice. As such, it has become impossible for me to continue to use its low-quality services. (The people running this joke haven’t even the courage or decency to muster a response to all my emails. And this is all afterMark” stopped the discussion short, failing to explain his position adequately. Of course, everyone here knows why he did that.)

I am running into one problem, however. Not only is WordPress poorly run on the administrative end, but their technical end is just as bad. As such, the export of this blog is not compatible with most other sites. Specifically, I want to use Blogger, but it does not allow WordPress files. I tried this site, but it failed because it has a limit of 1MB and my file is closer to 5MB. Are there any suggestions?

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  1. I made a post on my blog about this. A tongue-in-cheek comedy piece.

    My blog is on WordPress. If it gets me suspended so be it. I’d rather move all my stuff to blogger than feel I can’t speak freely.

  2. Contact me at, maybe I can help

  3. BTW, limits on uploads have been raised to 10MB per file…
    And each account has 200MB storage to upload stuff to.

  4. Depending on the number of posts you could move to Posterous. It tends to choke after 1000 posts.

  5. This might help. Some are listed as free, others may require a fee.

  6. Well, you could probably use this:

    but this may help:

    you may want to see how large your blog actually is if you leave any actual image files out – you need to convert text data only.

  7. […] the add but domains and hosting are not free. (a free blog hosting service) has deleted For the Sake of Science after an empty threat from a pseudoscience-altmed-threat to people health. Skeptico has a good post […]

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