Thought of the day

This is a two-fer.

First, it is ridiculously expensive to climb Mt. McKinley. Not counting personal equipment expenditures and airfare, most services come in around $6500, not to mention the 21 days of not working while on the mountain (plus buffer days for travel and rest). Between airfare, visa and passport expenses, vaccines, personal equipment, and the guide service itself, I spent significantly less on my Kilimanjaro trip.



7 Responses

  1. Just parachute in like bear grylls (idiot). Save you a lot of time, money and living to retirement.

  2. How do you pay for these adventures? I always assumed you’re stealing lost relics from mountaintop temples.

  3. He robs poor people like republicans do.

  4. No, I pay poor people, unlike Republicans do.

  5. You see, in Africa they have all these people. Most of them are poor. And I paid to have several of them carry my things.

  6. I’m sure that did a lot for hunger as a whole. I’m sure the Africans engaged in that sort of business are very needy, but surely there are needier ones. Think of all the people you could have fed if you hadn’t gone at all. You white devil!

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