Death to pennies

I hate the damn things.

4 Responses

  1. They keep my night stand from flying away.

  2. I agree with the video, but I find it hard to believe that copper prices rose since 1792. I was able to find one historical commodities prices page and it’s worth about a 4th in 2007 what it was in 1997. I know copper is up, but it’s not up that much.

    This is my favorite anti-penny video, there’s a lot of the same points, but its interesting to hear we already have penny-free zones that work fine.

  3. What I still can’t comprehend is why they switched back to copper pennies after WW2, they of course needed the copper to make brass. For several years they minted steel cents, and the sky didn’t fall or anything.

    And we can’t forget the heinous act that changed the rear design of the penny recently.

    So not only are pennies a financial sinkhole just in the production, they are also burning funds up redesigning the damn thing.

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