Thought of the day

There’s practically nothing more supercilious and obnoxiously sanctimonious than a Christian deciding to lecture an unbeliever on love…because these prissy assholes all believe they have a monopoly on the One True Love™, which is servile obedience to a domineering tyrant.


I must say, this is spot on. I’ve grown quite sick and tired of this fucking strawmen Christians keep throwing out there about love. No, assholes, you don’t have a monopoly on love, and no, I’m not somehow devoid of it because I’m not willing to think with my ‘heart’* instead of my brain.

*You know, “your heart”, that phrase virtually every single one of you likes to use in place of words that actually mean something.

2 Responses

  1. It is just another case of someone saying “if you don’t live life my way then you are wrong”.

  2. I think I’m supposed to sigh and say I will pray for you here.

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