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I get really curious when I hear people ignorantly declare that atheists are this or that, that we all hold these or those sort of values. If such a normative statement can be made, then I presume we could also make a statement as to the nature and values of those who don’t believe in leprechauns.

So tell me, theists. Tell me in no uncertain terms just what it is that unites a-leprechaunists. Are they moral? Immoral? Amoral? What common value do they all hold?

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  1. Aleprechaunists engage in a nasty War-On-St.-Patrick’s-Day, replacing the traditional solemn ceremony with other, less sober, activities.

    At least, I do.

    (Sorry, I know that as an atheist I shouldn’t be answering your question – but if PZ can be normative about fellow atheists, then I’m gonna be normative about my fellow aleprechaunists.)

  2. For the record, I called PZ out for being a philosophical dolt on that even when I still liked him.

  3. I see what you are saying, but there are some commonalities throughout the atheist community, even though atheism does not itself have any dogma or “teachings”.

    Nothing universal though, but even religious people are not all alike in beliefs or ideas, there is a fair amount of dissension.

  4. Your article on PZ making normative statements about atheists was one of the articles that got me hooked on this blog. I was just referencing it as an excuse to make a War-On-St.-Patrick’s-Day comment.

  5. How do we know the leprechaunists are divided?
    Have you (or anyone you know) ever infiltrated their quarters?

    I just happen to know that they are quite solitary figures,
    and you can only get a glimpse of one when you yourself are alone.

    They quit the shoe making business ages ago. Now they just…umm,
    I forgot. That’s a secret. ;) Best of luck, chaps! Cheerz! Uncle Tree

  6. We a-leprechaunists hold the following to be true:
    – Leprechaunists are a bane upon society and should be subject to heavy regulation and frequent inspections to limit what damage they may inflict on the rest of us through their foolish and irrational beliefs.
    – Leprechauns, being the raison d’etre for leprechaunists, should be hunted to extinction!

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