Good job, Indiana

The Indiana House has passed a bill that I think is just dandy:

Hoosiers could legally defend themselves against police officers who enter their home under a measure that the Indiana House approved on a 74-24 vote, moving it another step toward becoming law, on Thursday.

The measure would overturn last year’s Indiana Supreme Court decision. The court ruled that homeowners do not have the right to use force against law enforcement officials who they believe are illegally entering their homes.

When I originally heard about this story it was from a biased source, so I was led to believe that Indiana was in the process of explicitly telling homeowners they could shoot police officers for the least of reasons. Of course, this bill would allow a homeowner to shoot a cop, but it would need to be for a damn good reason. Moreover, the use of force being discussed here is more about physically forcing an officer out of one’s home (provided the entry has been illegal) rather than just shooting him. In other words, it’s common sense. The police shouldn’t be granted the right to enter a person’s home illegally anymore than a grocery clerk should be granted that right.

Well done, Indiana. Well done.

3 Responses

  1. You also think that some of these theoretical defenders are gun toting kooks, do you not?

  2. Surely there are a few.

  3. This is a very complex issue, and I’m glad you’re taking a stance on it.

    There is a problem when law enforcement officers knock on a persons door with the blade of a chainsaw and rush in like a gang of thieves. Should we expect people to just surrender to ski-mask wearing men who break in to their house unannounced AND hope it’s a police raid and not a home invasion?

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