Roxeanne de Luca is also a coward

In addition to being an angry little person, science-ignorant Roxeanne de Luca is also a coward. When I made my recent post about her and her difficulty with thinking even moderately deeply, I mentioned this:

Anyway. I’ve run across plenty of angry people on the Internet. I’ve even become angry plenty of times. But what I’ve never seen is a person get this angry this quickly. It isn’t like she isn’t responding to me on her blog. Despite doing that ever-so-annoying bullshit where comments are kept in moderation (thereby forcing me to copy them for future reference in case she makes alterations), she is allowing my posts.

It’s a hallmark of so many conservative and/or Christian blogs to put comments in moderation. These people are petrified of being embarrassed, so they feel the need to monitor every little thing that gets said about them. Given just how many things Roxeanne has gotten wrong in my interactions with her, it’s no surprise that she would just start deleting my new comments on this post. Of course, as I said, it’s predictable cowardice like this that makes me copy my posts. Take a look at Roxeanne’s final comment and then come back here to see my response:

According to you,

1. This couple cannot love their child and favor her abortion under certain conditions.

2. You don’t call people liars, just me.

These are interesting if only due to how glaring they are. This couple is claiming that they love their daughter. That is a statement of fact from their point of view. You say that it is not true. How are you not calling them liars?

Couple: “We love our daughter.”

Roxeanne: “No, you don’t.”

Are you calling them liars? Are you contending that they don’t know what love is? You’ve been muddled on this.

I normally would have made a much longer post, going point-for-point, but in addition to getting that cowardly-feeling from this schmuck of a debater, I could tell Roxeanne isn’t the sort of person who is detail-oriented (hence why philosophical thinking is so foreign to her); anything that wasn’t short and direct would have garnered a slew of garbage rhetoric and evasiveness. Well. Assuming she had the guts to defend her inane beliefs.

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