Letter to ‘Dr.’ Christopher Maloney

You know, I was pretty much done attacking Christopher Maloney a couple of months ago. I really didn’t care much about the guy. Hell, a Google search of “Christopher Maloney Maine” without the quotation marks yields For the Sake of Science as the 7th result. A Yahoo! search of “Chris Maloney Maine” without the quotation marks yields a link to a letter to the editor about him by yours truly as the number 1 result. And then there’s this awful YouTube video where Maloney thought setting his webcam to pedo-view was a good idea. (I mean, c’mon. He’s not a pedophile so why use that creepy-as-all-fuck pedo-setting?) So, I think the issue is pretty well settled for me. I post about quacks (like like Andreas Moritz) and since few people pay attention to or otherwise talk about them (what with all the quackery), my website finds its way toward the top of search engines. But it wasn’t good enough for Maloney to leave things as they were. He had to whine to WordPress that I said he wasn’t a real doctor. In reality, I pointed out that Maine considers him a real doctor but I don’t. Last time I checked libel laws did not protect people from the opinions of others – especially when those opinions are built upon facts laid out before everyone. (This is more than one can say for Maloney – he told several lies about an easily accessible study.)

But as I said, I was good with forgetting about the guy. People who search for him will find my blog and get a better perspective on why naturopaths are dangerous non-doctor doctors. But since that isn’t cool with Maloney, he has received this letter from me.

It was super cute of you or one of your friends to report that I pointed out that you aren’t a real doctor on my blog, but I’m curious. Why can’t you read? I noted that Maine allows quacks like you some of the same rights as real doctors. My qualm is that by the standards of the actual medical community, you aren’t a doctor. The states where your practice has been deemed too dangerous have things right, not Maine.

I’ll be real careful in the future to not hurt your feelings by pointing out how much of a charlatan you are without noting Maine’s BS laws. Of course, you’ve only gone and made things worse for yourself by whining to WordPress. I run a publication which gets distributed all over UMA and you just landed yourself on the front page. (With a note that Maine endorses your dangerous ideas, of course, Chrissy!)

The publication I’m referencing is, of course, Without Apology. I was actually already considering addressing naturopaths in the next edition, but now Maloney has just put himself on the front page for sure. I doubt I’ll mention any of this fiasco, even though it shows the sort of lengths naturopaths will go to demand respect (which reminds me of creationists, frankly), because it would be unwieldy in print, but I will be sure to note all the incorrect things he has said about science. Hopefully I can potentially save a life.

The moral of the story? I do not just quit because someone is under the false assumption that he can bully his way into being right.

Update: The search results will vary slightly. Sometimes my writing shows up higher than I said, and I presume sometimes it will be lower. At any rate, it is always near the top.

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