WordPress, naturopaths, and whining

Some of my more regular readers will have noticed a recent lack of posting here. The reason isn’t that I’ve been crazy busy, had computer troubles, or anything of that nature. It’s actually that WordPress decided to block me from posting at all. I couldn’t even save drafts. It took nearly two days until anyone managed to tell me a damn thing about this message:

Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog.

It then goes on to give a link for contacting them to resolve the issue but then inanely tells me to send a report. No, WordPress. The onus isn’t on me to tell you why you’re fucking up.

Before I say what the response was, I want to point out the sort of irresponsible crap WordPress does. It’s similar to what YouTube does: someone makes a complaint about content and a video gets taken down. The user must then wait to have someone review his material before it gets put back up. WordPress does the same thing with its bloggers. Unless one is an utter idiot, it isn’t difficult to see how this opens the system up to abuse. In fact, WordPress knows about the abuse.

TOS reports are currently overwhelmed by a politically motivated flood of complaints. Sorry.

Any jamoke can make a complaint and get someone shut down for no good reason. And sometimes it gets worse – somewhere buried in those forums was an instance where a user uploaded illegal music, was told to take it down, took it down, and then was blocked from posting 4 hours later. WordPress has an irresponsible system that needs as much fixing as YouTube.

But my case is slightly different. Here’s the response I finally got from “Mark”.


You wrote:
“I cannot overstate this fact: Naturopaths are not doctors and they are not
qualified. They cherry-pick evidence, often lie and misrepresent facts.
Recently, a local naturopathic “doctor,” Christopher Maloney, wrote a letter
in which he committed himself to that third possibility”

“Maloney is NOT a doctor! He has NO qualifications which earn him that title.”

We were sent:
Dr Maloney is a licensed Maine State Doctor, license number ND240. He is
recognized under Maine state law: Title 32: PROFESSIONS AND OCCUPATIONS

Please edit your statements to include his qualifications or delete your statements.

Thank you.


Ah, so there it is. Naturopaths know they practice quackery. They know reasonable people do not trust them. They know the medical community rejects their bullshit. All they have is attacking a two month old post based upon a technicality.

I have since edited the post to read as follows:

Maloney is NOT a doctor by any reasonable measures – and Maine’s measures are not reasonable! He has NO qualifications which earn him that title beyond the state’s bogus measurements!**

**Maloney whined to WordPress to make me change this. I originally said he was not a doctor at all. Under the technicality of Maine law, he is a doctor. But he’s a dangerous one because he lies about the efficacy of treatments to suit his purposes. And, again, he is not allowed to practice naturopathy in two states.

But I shouldn’t have to make that alteration. In that same post I said this.

…but let’s not pretend that these people are actually qualified to be doling out medical advice. As I note in my letter, people run the risk of taking contra-indicated drugs if we start treating naturopaths as real doctors.

As a naturopath, Chris Maloney is not qualified to tell anyone jackshit about anything to do with their health – because naturopaths are not actually qualified according to normal medical standards. God damn it. I hate throwing up all these qualifiers. Is WordPress as bad at reading as Maloney evidently is? I clearly made a distinction between naturopaths and traditional doctors. I don’t care what the state of Maine says. It’s all a bunch of legalese bull designed to force people to respect quacks.

I shouldn’t need to point out in every sentence that Maloney is a doctor, but not per my and the medical community’s standards. Hell, look at the original letter I had written to my local paper (which is also contained in that same aforementioned post).

But it hits closer to home than that. Maine is just one of several states that give these vastly underqualified “doctors” such [prescription] rights.

I noted that Maloney gets rights under Maine law. My beef is that he shouldn’t.

This is as if a state made voodoo doctors members of the medical community and WordPress made threats every time someone said these people weren’t actually doctors or qualified for anything.

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  1. They removed my reblog of a naturopath mentioning the side effects of Gardasil, because I commented that this would support circumcision.

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