Thought of the day

I want to slap people who say “Mmm! This tastes good!” in response to any sort of alcohol. Listen. No, it doesn’t. It’s awful. If it was just a regular drink that tasted like that, no one would ever say it was good.

4 Responses

  1. Tell me, do you have any other form of reasoning besides inductive?

  2. I thought the same about beer, though it took me almost 30 years to quit drinking the stuff. I’ll admit, I did gain a palate to enjoy the taste of bourbon, but I fully agree that it really is a toxic shock to the tongue for those not of the functioning drunk variety.

  3. My friend you have not had Hot Apple Pie (which as a nondrinker even I can love) or Coquito, those are the exceptions of course lol

  4. Miguelito, you have reminded me that I was in error, and should never have listened to Mr. Hawkins. Bailey’s Irish Cream is proof that Mr. Hawkins is gravely mistaken.

    I can’t believe I fell for his crap. I just feel used, ya know?

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