Dembski-Hitchens debate

I have yet to watch this, but I thought I’d throw out a link to the Dembski-Hitchens debate anyway.

via Why Evolution Is True

3 Responses

  1. It wasn’t much of a debate.

  2. I’m just watching this now – first time I’ve seen Dembski on video – but I’m not sure I’ll be able to endure the whole thing.
    I mean, I was expecting the lies, fallacies, false dichotomies (theism or evolution as only options, etc) and stupidity, but I didn’t expect the level of arrogance and condescension coming from this comb-overed little prick.

    Why can’t they ever just say “Hey, I’m a theist and here are my reasons for it – now let’s debate if they hold water”?

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