I have yet to watch Religulous, but people keep on recommending it to me. It’s like they think I’m an anti-theist or something. Weird, I know. However, there are a few reasons I haven’t watched it: 1) It got terrible reviews. 2) I don’t especially like Bill Maher. 3) It isn’t on Netflix streaming and I don’t get the DVD’s delivered to my place since it isn’t my Netflix account. Fortunately, there is YouTube.

I’ll give my horribly out of date assessment later this week, I hope.

3 Responses

  1. it did get a 70% critic rating and a 78% audience approval rating at i’m probably only posting this cause i personally liked it, though. one critic wrote, very accurately i think, that many of the funniest jokes come from the editing. but i don’t see that as a negative per se. and when maher gets the “can-theist”, who is stoned off his ass, to believe that his hair is on fire…. legit. and point definitely made. bahahaha

    btw, i really like your site. i found it quite by random a few months back. glad i did!

  2. I haven’t seen the film, but, my assessment from watching this brief clip is that it has good production values (setting,camera work, sound) (words on screen printed backwards but assume this was a pirated clip),

    But I was somewhat turned off by his ridicule of religion (especially the scene in the trailer church) and who he thought his audience was for this type of film. Was it for those Bill Maher comedic fans? If so, his condesending comedy left me kind of flat, Was it for Atheist? If so, I didn’t learn anything. Was it for believers? Well unless they were questioing their faith, they wouldn’t be watching it in the first place.
    All in all, I’d watch it if I had the chance. The clip was somewhat entertaining..altho I wouldn’t pay to watch it… I agree with Daves reporting of a 70% critical review.

  3. I guess that’s what I get for only looking to a few bloggers to get my reviews.

    And thanks, Dave. I hope to see you more in the comments.

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