Maine bill to legalize it

You know what “it” is:

A bill unveiled Wednesday would legalize the personal use and private and commercial cultivation of marijuana and tax consumer purchases at 7 percent. Democratic Rep. Diane Russell of Portland, who is sponsoring the bill, said it’s time to stop turning otherwise law-abiding citizens who use marijuana into criminals…

Russell’s bill would allow Mainers 21 and older to possess up to 1 pound of marijuana and legally smoke or ingest it in nonpublic places, including private residences. People could grow pot within 75 square feet of space for personal consumption and within 2,000 square feet of space for commercial cultivation.

I say do it. Telling people they can’t do something only makes them want to do it more. Besides, the war on drugs is a dismal failure. Time to move on.

4 Responses

  1. A pound of pot is a huge amount.

  2. I couldn’t care less. It won’t pass, but I’d like to see it all decriminalized. We waste too much time and money on all of this.

    I think what could pass is a bill allowing those who have been summonsed for possession of alcohol and marijuana to pay their fines online like a traffic ticket they choose not to challenge.

    Go over to the district court, take a look at the docket and tell me how many cases are for a “useable amount of MJ” it a waste of time

  3. Indeed. A pound is a HUGE amount of pot. But the war on drugs has been a total and complete failure by every single measure you care to use.

    It’s time to stop letting the fundies run this country. Legalize pot.

  4. Similar to the war on poverty, a thing that continued to decline under we declared war on it.

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