Maine: Most peaceful state

In a recent ranking by the Institute for Economics and Peace – an organization that inanely thinks a nearly all-flash website is a good idea – has placed Maine as the number one most peaceful state:

The United States Peace Index defines “peace” as the “absence of violence.”

To determine the rankings, the index looked at factors including homicide rates, violent crimes, percentage of the population in jail, number of police officers and availability of small arms.

The Index also estimates the “total cost of violence” for each state which reflects the cost of correctional and policing services, judicial system and medical costs associated with violent crime and homicide, and lost productivity and wages. In Maine, that total cost per person is $656; in Louisiana it is $2,458.

Not surprisingly, 5 out of 6 New England states rank in the top 10, with the 6th (Connecticut) coming in at number 15. For the full list, and to avoid that terrible flash crap, check out this .pdf.

Top 10 most peaceful states:

1. Maine
2. New Hampshire
3. Vermont
4. Minnesota
5. North Dakota
6. Utah
7. Massachusetts
8. Rhode Island
9. Iowa
10. Washington

Top 10 least peaceful states:

1, Louisiana
2. Tennessee
3. Nevada
4. Florida
5. Alabama
6. Texas
7. Arkansas
8. Oklahoma
8. South Carolina
10. Maryland

5 Responses

  1. Despite the second highest number of guns per capita. Showing exactly 0 amount of correlation between the two things. All I’m going to say.

  2. I think they’re excluding Cabot Cove from their statistics.

  3. It is good thst is all you are going to say, Nate.

    Note most of the least peaceful states are the most Republican, most fundagelical, most obese and least educated.

  4. And I’m sure none of those things has a damn thing to do with peacfulness.

    You want to pin it on politics, than go one echelon lower, to the cities. Cities in general tend to be much more liberal, in all things.

    But lets be honest, it has nothing to do with politics, or guns.

  5. I’m with Nate on this one, states like Texas are a battleground of the drug war because of federal policies and location – not because of the state government.

    I don’t think anyone would try to get away with making racial claims, but the three whitest states in the country also happen to be the three most peaceful.

    Now the top three is an entirely arbitrary number, and I imagine things like poverty have a lot more to do ith violence rates than politics or race.

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