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Many atheists are anti-theism. Many theists are anti-atheist.

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  1. And a lot of people, on both sides, don’t care what other people believe in at all.

  2. True and irrelevant, Nate. He said “many”.
    The point is not that everyone has a problem with differing opinions, but merely that among those that do, the theists tend to focus more on the persons, while the atheists mostly focus on the fact. That’s my experience as well.

  3. Listening to part 14 of Skepticon One on Youtube:

    PZ Myers admonishes our side to be offensive and obnoxious to “some degree” and I feel compelled to obey;

    I’ve added a bit of spice to the planned (ON MY BIRTHDAY no less) opt out of death ray scanner day by suggesting some improvements for the protest:


  4. Yes I got the “many”. I also got the bold letters.

    Its hard to be anti someone OR something if you don’t concern yourself with that they believe, or do not believe. That’s why I bothered to say it.

    One could also ask whether we have any proof of Michael’s claim. I don’t dispute that some people do hate atheists, I do dispute that those people are more prevalent than the number of people who anti-theist.

    There will always be mean people everywhere. Even if their are many more theists that hate on a personal level, we can’t forget how much atheists are outnumbered. If atheists numbered in the billions we just might find more of them to be anti theist, rather than anti theism.

  5. If atheists numbered in the billions we just might find more of them to be anti theist, rather than anti theism.

    Project much? LOL,
    The absurdity makes me laugh.

  6. What did I project?

    Atheists are fairly small minority of people. Its not crazy to assume that if that minority of people were to grow much larger than certain factions would become more visible and active.

    Which is what happens in any group.

  7. Which is what happens in any group.

    It does not. Show proof.

  8. The original tea party was a group of protesters about taxes. As the group grew, the added members included racists and bigots on the one hand and libertarians on the other. The original founder quit the group because he stated it became something he hated. Assuming a group stays homogeneous as it grows is bogus.

  9. Is that post for or against what I was trying to say?

    It seems to reinforce what I was saying.

    I’m just not going to comment on the tea party part, but the idea is correct.

  10. It refuted your argument totally.

  11. I don’t think you understood what my argument was than.

    “tea party bad”

    Not much of a refutation if that was your intention.

  12. Full of it.

  13. Another sound argument. How do you come up with them!?

  14. By looking at most of your arguments.

    As usual, you have had nothing meaningful to say your last 3 arguments, so I will unsubscribe here and let you blather by yourself.

  15. Cut and run as is typical. I’m not sure if you really believe that lends credence to your comments or not, but that is you’re business.

  16. Atheists are fairly small minority of people.

    One word: Scandinavia.

    Atheists may not number in the billions there, but they are the majority, and you know what happens because of that? Nothing.

  17. Three words: Cold war Albania

    A state enforced atheist majority. Including but not limited to the torture and expulsion of clergy and the seizing of all church properties and sentences of up to 10 years for simply possessing religious materials.

    We could look at places like Cambodia and Vietnam as well. Certain periods of their state imposed atheism resulted in the killing of hundreds and thousands of religious and clergy.

    I’ve never said that atheism creates or encourages bad people, the fact still is that some people are going to suck no matter what their beliefs are. I only dispute whether atheists are by nature any better of a human being than the average Christian, Buddhist, (insert belief system here). I don’t think they are.

  18. “A state enforced atheist majority”
    “their state imposed atheism”

    You think maybe the evil dictatorship parts may have more to do with a rise in aggression among citizens than atheism?

    But of course I agree atheists aren’t by definition good or intelligent people. I live in an atheist majority, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t stupid people. I just still think there may be a certain point to this, but I freely admit it’s based on my own limited experience.

  19. I think it contributes, certainly. I also think that if given a free hand to do what people want, in this case in persecuting religious people and property, you can bring out the worst in anyone.

    Here was a clear case of a group of atheists being happily malicious in public policy and in many cases violent toward any and all religions.

    Maybe Scandinavia got out all of its aggression in viking times? lol.

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