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I’m not saying I’m going to do it, but I shouldn’t be able to easily outrun the majority of my local police department officers. In fact, that goes for members of all police departments. Unfortunately, the fact is that most of the police departments I see around Maine have members who would have no chance outrunning a reasonably fit 20-something male. There ought to be a target point on a BMI chart that, should an officer meet it, results in some sort of monetary reward. Ideally, perhaps we might want to punish officers for not meeting some reasonable standard, but it is effectiveness, not ideology, which matters here.

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  1. They might just shoot you instead of run after you :)

  2. That presumes their fingers can fit in the trigger guard.

  3. they should become more like the military in the physical fitness sense. cant hack the pt test? 1 year then goodbye if you cant get up to scratch.

    (forgive me i’m posting from my phone)

  4. The training to become a police officer is quite rigorous. They are required to attend classes that teach them all aspects of the law, such as crimial law and federal law enforcement policies. If one wants to become an officer physical fitness is a must. The requirement is that you have to run at least four times a week, lift weights, and take self defense classes. In order to become a police officer you have to attend the academy, which does PT. If you do not pass the physical fitness test you do not become an officer. Of all the police officers i know, i live in a small town i know them all, i can only think of one who i can outrun. The only reason i can outrun him is because he is in his early 60s. I personally have not seen many out of shape cops, and am curious as to what town you are referring to.

  5. I’ve lived in several places in Maine and Michael is quite right. I wouldn’t say it was a majority of officers but there are plenty that are well overweight. Its true that they have to pass a PT test to get hired in some cases or to pass the academy, what is lacking is follow ups.

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