“Sufferers of obesity”

You mean fat people?

2 Responses

  1. Must be slow news on the scientific front…resorting to fat jokes just doesn’t do it for me. Fat jokes can be funny but a lot of bullying has roots in jokes that are hurtful to others.

    Unless and until science comes up with workable solutions for obeisity which are genetically caused (35% genetics-65%learned behaviour) , then these jokes are hurtful to others….much like jokes about swishy gays or jokes from Islamaphobes….

    Can science can come with a sloution why obesiesity is 35% genetic and 65% learned behaviour?

  2. The numbers aren’t that clear cut – conflicting studies come out constantly. But you’re right that there is a genetic link. Certain people are more predisposed to obesity than others. But that fact was as true 100 years ago as it is today. And it’s just as true in Africa as it is in the U.S. Yet obesity comparisons between the past and present and between different parts of the world yield wildly different results.

    Usually poverty is strongly correlated with obesity. The poorer an area, the fatter it tends to be. Obviously there are limits (get poor enough and eating too much isn’t a big worry), but the figures hold true in wealthy nations. What we’re seeing much of the time is a choice to eat unhealthy food. Or too much food. Or to not exercise.

    And all that said, obesity is not a disease.

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