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I’ve kicked around the idea of choosing a new layout for FTSOS, but ultimately decided that it would not be beneficial. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t make minor changes. That’s why I’m looking at changing the image I currently have in the header. Right now it’s a 35 million year old oreodont fossil I found in the Badlands of South Dakota in 2008. It’s a wonderful image, but I’ve had it up since I made this blog. I think it might be time to update.

So throw me some ideas. Look through some of the photographs I have up. Let me know what you think would be a good idea. Just keep in mind that several of those photographs are not mine and I thus will not be using them. If you like something that is credited to someone else, however, say so. I may have something comparable in my own collection. And if you don’t see something you like, still throw out some ideas; I’ve got thousands of pictures through which I can sift.

8 Responses

  1. sacred geometry, fractals, molecules, cells, dna, evolution, light, sound, biophotons, dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant.

  2. I’m partial to Da Vinchi’s sketches. I know the renaissance man is overused however his “helicopter” or “tank” are extremely interesting and remarkable given the time period.

    There are a wide range of anatomical sketches as well. I was thinking of one in particular that depicted a cut away of a skull but I can’t find it. I’ll post a link when/if I do.

    I think he has been dead long enough to render them all in the public domain.

    There you are. Ask a history major you get historical. Ask a “yok” you apparently get dwarfs…

    (I know its a metaphor. A pretty good one too, not to mention very old. Great mental images)

  3. A montage of recognizable, historical scientific sketches could be nice.

  4. :D i think nates ideas are more suitable to this blog lol

  5. I meant the vitruvian man by the way.

    Thanks yok, I was just thinking things people might find recognizable.

  6. shit, thats close enough to sacred geometry for me lol

  7. I like the oreodont fossil. I am currently reading When Life Nearly Died: The Greatest Mass Extinction of All Time By Michael J. Benton and is about the end Permian extinction.

  8. I like your layout. I’ve been playing with mine (that’s what she said) to change it up. I’m trying to be as cool as you are with your blog. I need help more than you do.

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