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The best thing Dubya ever did was add time to Daylight Savings Time so that we could at least get through October without being forced to drive home in the dark every night. Now we need to just abolish standard time altogether.

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  1. On facebook today, I saw several people who want to keep DST year round.

  2. I really despise this loss of an hour. People don’t seem to realize that the morning is for menial chores, like getting all gussied up for work or school. No one does anything cool during that time.

  3. The military runs on a 24 hours clock. Operationally its Zulu time.

    We should all make the move to Zulu time, and all of this would be irrelevant. Just schedule things for the daylight hours.

  4. You get all gussied up? The morning is for bacon.

  5. Michael, it sounds like you prefer DST so do you mean abolishing “going back to standard time”?

  6. Yes, stone1343, that is what I meant. Ironically, I spent some time making sure I got my first sentence correct. I should have spent equal time on the second one (which is now corrected).

  7. I might be mistaken but didn’t we entertain the possibility of converting to Atlantic time and ignoring eastern time?

    I’m sure it was sometime in the 2000’s.

    Speaking just for maine *

  8. I seem to recall hearing that come up a couple times.

  9. We should all be on Universal Time (also known as Greenwich Mean Time). I suspect that the needs of global commerce will eventually bring us to this.

  10. I’m with you on that one. Having lived most of the last 5 years of my life on “zulu” time it really makes things easier, particularly when traveling or talking to people in other time zones.

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