I get mail, too

PZ isn’t the only one who gets mail. First, here’s what I sent to Moritz a couple of days ago.

I have no idea why you would listen to Maloney about contacting me. Had he not told you about the posts on Pharyngula about him? Were you honestly not aware of how much worse this was going to get for you? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect

This was just after Christopher Maloney told PZ that he had advised Moritz to contact me. Of course, I would have quickly figured out who this quack friend of Maloney’s was; I had long ago looked up Moritz because of his poor writing skills, only to be impressed that he lived anywhere near any predominantly English speaking country. But quacks aren’t the brightest in the bunch. That might be why Moritz responded with this:

Oh, I am actually very grateful to you for spreading the word and creating a free publicity campaign for me. A lot of people who would never have heard about me, may now wonder and start to investigate. Eventually, they may want to know for themselves what this is about and buy some books of mine. I couldn’t have asked for a more effective advertising campaign. In fact, my stat counter shows that I had a 563% increase in genuine visitors yesterday and as of this early morning it is already double the number. So if it continues out be a huge success I may send you a check. I don’t mind the dozen swear emails, when my business is booming, thanks to your awareness campaign. I never had such a spike of interest in my work. Thanks again, you turned out to be a great blessing. And please, keep it going.

This was just silly. Moritz originally threatened me with a lawsuit because he claimed I had harmed his business and revenue. Honestly, I hope I destroy the man’s livelihood – that might mean saving a life. But whether I have or not apparently has been settled since Moritz just undermined his entire claim. Wanting to keep up the inanity, I didn’t note that specifically in my next email. However, I did respond with this:

Are you 5 years old? You’re seriously taking the “I wanted things like this!” tactic? That’s about as effective as your cancer ‘treatments’ – entirely useless and nothing more than quacking charlatanry.

You are a fraud, nothing more. You prey on the weak and sick when they are at their most vulnerable. You take money out of the pockets of cancer patients, promote the spread of HIV, and are a serious threat to the health of anyone stupid enough to listen to you. How have you literally not been arrested? You appear to be practicing woo medicine without any sort of license (and certainly no qualifications, but that has long been established).

This isn’t some sort of joke, Moritz. While I’m having an absolute blast watching you get blasted throughout the Interwebblings, I take no joy in knowing the real life harm you take pride in inflicting upon others. You need to stop taking advantage of the gullible. It’s unethical, immoral, illegal, dangerous, and inhumane. What the hell is wrong with you?

Before moving on to Moritz’s response, I want to note the far more interesting set of emails I received around the time of sending that. I won’t repost them here for the sake of not making this post longer than it needs to be, but I will say who sent them: Richard Dawkins, David Colquhoun, and Simon Singh. My atheist, science loving heart fluttered when I saw all that, I admit it.

Anyway. Moritz.

Honestly, I am not angry with you. As already mentioned, you are working to help spread the word about the fact that people can heal themselves without drugs or medical intervention. Although this wasn’t your intention, it’s happening. When I just checked the stat counter of my web site, today’s’ genuine visitor number rose by 786% compared to average.

Just so you know, I don’t practice medicine. I have no idea where you dreamed up that idea. I am not interested in practicing medicine, and never will be. I have never in my life treated an illness or tried stopping it like a medical doctor would. You must be smoking something. I have never taken any money from a cancer patient because I don’t treat cancer patients. I certainly don’t need a license to practice medicine when this is not what I do or want to do. I cannot be arrested for something I don’t do. I have helped millions of people understand how to live a healthy life so that their own body can heal itself. Since I don’t do any advertising, my work spreads word by mouth, only because people feel so much better because of that. Do you think millions of people can be deceived year after year, decade after decade by the same person? My books would have stopped selling 20 years ago. Quacks try to persuade people. I have no interested in doing so. I leave this up to the medical doctors and their patients who found value in what I write. Again, I don’t have a clue where you are coming from, except from some kind of hatred. Or are you hired by the pharmaceutical industry who funds such campaigns. Most likely.

Once again, thank you so very much for accomplishing something I have not even tried do. You are helping over 780% more people to know about my work. That’s’ huge. I don’t know how you accomplished that, but it’s working. Maybe I can entice you doing this for a whole year. This will make you a hero. You are helping humanity become a lot healthier.

I must admit I did receive 32 emails that were hostile and negative, which might please you. But they were basically just repetitions of what you said before. They consisted mostly of swear words, like fuck you, snake oil, quack, quack, quack, and you favorite word “stupid.” In other words, they might just have been from a handful of people who used multiple email addresses. On the other hand, I received 385 emails that encourage me to continue enriching people’s life and not to be deterred “by jealous people haters like Michael Hawkins” who prefer they are being killed by a medical system that according to the FDA’s own admission kills over 300,000 people each year, and that is just a low estimate.

Enjoy your weekend. Mine will be great, thanks to you!

Ya know, I originally called Moritz “a stupid…man” because he has no understanding of basic science, but it should be known that the term is not limited to his scientific illiteracy. His legal illiteracy is just as profound. What a strong libel case he must have now, no?

4 Responses

  1. I don’t know about you guys, but the thirst of my life-force is quenched every time I have delicious glass of mineral water!

    Did this Moritz character make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs as well?

  2. Michael Hawkins get a life. How old are you? Before you start calling someone stupid and a quack perhaps you better look at how the pharmaceutical industry has “Brain Washed” you. The FDA uses society as guinea pigs to push their drugs. The drugs are killing our society. Yet they continue to push them. One could call the pharmaceutical industry drug pushers. The only thing that makes the DRUGS legal is the FDA continues to approve them (until people die then they take them off the shelves and approve another one. Until that one kills. It’s a vicious circle) what’s sad is that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t care about how many people they kill each year. They’re only it for the money. If society were healthier and didn’t have to take drugs then you’d be out of a job.

  3. Von, why should we beleive YOU? It’s kind of absurd for the big drug companies to kill their own customers and thus reduce their own business. Think longer and harder before you subscribe to some loony conspiracy theory.

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