We are one

Haven’t you all heard? You’re me.

michael hawkins is a pea-brained idiot. Moritz should stop talking to him and the other posters who are trying to draw him in to their obnoxious game. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone paid this guy to do it. The health information Mr. Moritz presents in all of his books is comprehensive, exhaustively researched and proven effective. What I am saying on this blog is pointless for the most part though, because Hawkins and the other negative posters (who are all probably the same guy!!),are all acting like little children with their fingers in their ears. Their numbed-out brains are looking for a fight because they don’t look within. So sad. But Mr. Moritz would do well to not play in to this fear-filled folly.

Michael: Well, Michael, what do you think of this?

Michael: I don’t know, Michael. It sounds rather paranoid.

Michael: The poster might be on to something, though, don’t you think, Michael?

Michael: Think? I’ve done that in my time. I’m just not so sure about the woo supporters, Michael.

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