FOX Noise

6 Responses

  1. #1 with those that watch the news on TV.

    MSNBC happens to be #1 with stoned aging hippies though. That’s something.

  2. Fox is far from number 1 in news. NBC, ABC and CBS are far and away leading.

    NBC: 9.4 million
    ABC: 7.8 million
    CBS: 6.4 million
    Fox: 2.2 million

    Fox only leads among people watching cable news.

    Nate. once again your defamation shows what a unpleasant, lying human you truly are….LOL

  3. You’re right, I should have been specific. I meant channels that carry news all of the time. Not news and football and dancing with the stars. Cable news as you pointed out.

    I was also just being snarky. You have lots of experience with that.

    If you’re so concerned with facts, on this post which was after all a comic, where are the statistics for racist viewership?

    No no, You would much rather make a childish post, you should have stopped before your personal attack, that simply makes you look like a child.

  4. Hehehe, Nate the pot, calling the kettle black.
    1. He tries to justify his mistake and provides excuses for his bad behavior.
    2. Tries to pawn off his anti-social behavior by saying others do it.
    3. Never realizes that he is always the first one to attack other people, rather than their words or actions. I guess he still does not understand the difference. Must be poor education in ethics.

  5. Once again, time to unsubscribe to a post that no longer is worth reading.

  6. “Nate. once again your defamation shows what a unpleasant, lying human you truly areā€¦.LOL”

    It appears childish to me.

    And now I’m:

    1. Badly behaved
    2. Anti-social
    3. Have a poor “ethical education”

    Interesting. Calling your words childish, which they are, had nothing to do with the validity of what you said. I acknowledged that you were correct and that I was wrong.

    What I said would only be considered the classic ad hominem fallacy if the intent or result was to link the validity of your premise with that ad hominem attack.

    On the other hand, you think it to be a valid part of your argument, on a regular basis, to fling hate and discontent at me and somehow have that matter with account to my statements being valid.

    You’re the guilty one Bobby, but who’s counting. Maybe this mysterious third person your always directing your comments to.

    How many people do you think read all these comments to see us fight like an old married couple?

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