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The Teabagger portion of the Republican Party claims to hate when government tells them what to do, but when it comes to civil rights for gays they love to use government to say what others can’t do.

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  1. I don’t pretend to speak for any great number of any group, but for me I would rather see strong state governments rather than a strong (domestically anyway) central government.

    That’s all.

    Why don’t we get government out of marriage entirely? That will be the day, when they stop telling all of us how to live our lives. How much salt is in our food, what (if any) health care to buy, how high my fence can be in my backyard.

    That will certainly be the day.

  2. That ‘day’ will never come. Reason will prevail instead of your proposed anarchy.

  3. Ha! Reason! Perhaps the most telling post you have ever made. Thank you very much Bob.

    That’s extremely shocking.

    Somehow you think it is “reasonable” for the government to tell us what to eat, what to do with an ever increasing share of what we earn for income and how high my damn fence can be. Want a hundred more examples?

    You think that gay marriage is a right but not eating what you want? I don’t see reason coming into the argument at all.

  4. I am particularly peeved about the fence.

  5. Yes, I believe in using government, which is set up for the people, by the people, to do the people’s business. It is quite telling that you, Nate, prefer anarchy and selfishness to cooperation for the common benefit. It is called civilization. Try it some time.

  6. Once again, time to unsubscribe to a post that no longer is worth reading.

  7. It became not worth reading upon your first post!

    You believe in government to control the people. Its none of the peoples business what I eat.

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